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NORIE, John William. [A sea chart of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands]
A New Chart of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands with the Adjacent Continent, Drawn from the Latest Surveys. London: 1817-27. Sheet 650 x 945mm. Some restoration.
A detailed chart of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands with the coast of Burma (marking Pegu or Bago), orientated with north to the left. Originally published in 1817 this example has been updated to 1827.
[Ref: 17547]    £925.00 ($1,221 • €1,036 rates)


BLAEU, Willem Janszoon. [17th century chart of the Dutch Spice Islands]
Moluccae Insulae Celeberimae. Amsterdam, 1640, Latin text edition.375 x 480mm. A large paper example in fine original colouring.
Early map of the islands of Ternate, Timor, Tidore and Makian, off the coast of Halmahera, orientated with north to the right with an insert map contained in a martial cartouche, of a trading post on Bachian Island. This chain was a focal point of the Dutch East India Company's lucrative spice trade, whose trading posts can be seen marked on the map. KOEMAN: Bl 22.
[Ref: 12244]    £550.00 ($726 • €616 rates)

 Central Asia 

HOMANN, Johann Baptist. [Prospects of fifteen cities of Central Asia]
Verschiedene Prospecte der Vornemsten Stäten in Persien samt vorderst einer unfern dem Caspischen Meer, dem Russichen Reich zugehörig, , gelegenen Stadt, zu mehrerem Liecht und Erleuterung der neu-verfertigten Persianischen Land-Charten. Nuremberg, 1724. Original colour. 500 x 590mm. Restoration to left edge.
A scarce plate illustrating fifteen cities of central Asia: Astrakhan and Derbent in Russia; Tblisi in Georgia; Kars and Erzerum in eastern Turkey; Baku and Shamakhi in Azerbaijan; Sultanje and Kashan in Iraq; Erivan in Armenia; Schiraz, Isfahan, Bandar Abbas and Ardabil in Persia; and Kandahar in Afghanistan.
[Ref: 17992]    £625.00 ($825 • €700 rates)

GIBSON, John. [Map of the Caspian Sea and Independent Tartary]
A Map of the Routs of the Russian Embassy to Persia in 1746, on the Western Coast; also of Mr George Thompson's Journey on the East; And the Author's Travels on the South Coast; of the Caspian Sea. Mr Van Mierop's Journey to Meschel. London, 1753. Coloured. 470 x 510mm.
A map of the Caspian Sea region, from 'An Historical Account of the British Trade Over the Caspian Sea' by Jonas Hanaway (1712-86), plotting the routes of several expeditions through the Caucasus and Intependent Tartary in the mid C18th. Many names made famous by the stories of the Silk Road, including Samarkand, Bokharia and Khiva are marked. An interesting note reads 'Mountains in which Persians pretend are Gold Mines'.
[Ref: 18045]    £725.00 ($957 • €812 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Mid 19th century map of Afghanistan & Pakistan]
Cabool, The Punjab and Beloochistan. London, J. & F. Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 270 x 340mm.
Antique map of Afghanistan & Pakistan, with the Punjab, with three vignette scenes, including a view of Lahore, and a decorative border.
[Ref: 18059]    £135.00 ($178 • €151 rates)


VARTHEMA, Ludovico di. [View of Calicut from Varthema's Travels]
Calicut. Leipzig: Heironymus Megister, 1610. 75 x 115mm.
Map of Calicut in Southern India, engraved by Heinrich Gross jnr. for a German edition of the travels of Ludovico di Varthema (or Barthema, c. 1470-1517), the first non-Muslim European to enter Mecca as a pilgrim. Born in Bologna, he travelled to Egypt and Syria in 1503, where he learned enough to enlist as a Mamluk in Damascus. Under this cover he made the pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina as one of the Mamluk escort of the Hajj caravan the same year. His account has satisfied later scholars, including Richard Burton, as authentic. From Arabia he travelled to India, Sri Lanka, Sumatra, Borneo & the Moluccas. In 1506, wishing to return home, he joined the Portuguese garrison at Kannur in India, with whom he stayed untill he could join a ship returning to Europe in late 1507. His account then describes the east coast of Africa, the Cape of Good Hope, St Helena, Ascension and the Azores before landing at Lisbon. He returned to Italy, publishing this account for the first time in 1510. Not in Tibbetts.
[Ref: 13208]    £300.00 ($396 • €336 rates)

SANSON, Nicolas. [17th century map of India]
L'Inde deca et dela le Gange, ou est L'Empire du Grand Mogol Et Pays Circonvoisins Tiree de Purchas... Paris. 1654. Coloured. 355 x 560mm.
A detailed map of the Mogul Empire, based on information supplied by Sir Thomas Roe (c.1581-1644), ambassador to the emperor Jahangir 1615-18. At a time that roads were not usually shown on maps, this marks his route to the court as a line of villages from Surat to Kabul in Afghanistan. His route was a southern spur of the Silk Road, making this one of the few contemporary maps to include such information.
[Ref: 17086]    £550.00 ($726 • €616 rates)

CANTELLI DA VIGNOLA, Giacomo. [17th century map of India after Cantelli da Vignola]
Penisola Dell India di qua dal Gange et Isole intorno ad essa adiacenti... Rome: G.G. de Rossi, 1683. Coloured, 520 x 420mm. A very fine example
Vignola's highly decorative map of India, published in the Mercurio Geografico, with a fine title cartouche of an elephant being ridden by a warrior and monkeys. The cartouche reads: 'The Indian Peninsula, the land of the Ganges, and the numerous and various adjacent islands, by Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola according to the surveys described in the travels of the barefoot Carmelite priests (Jean-Baptiste) Tavernier, (Jean-Albert) Mandelslo and Pietro dea Valle (1586-1652), and other modern authors'.
This item is currently on reserve

ARROWSMITH, John. [Detailed 19th Century map of India]
India. London, 1832. Original colour, 600 x 500mm.
A large and detailed map of India showing its division and administration under British colonial rule.
[Ref: 17845]    £450.00 ($594 • €504 rates)

TEESDALE, Henry. [A military map of India in the 1840s]
India from Authorities Principally for use of the Officers of the Army of India, 1846. London: Teesdale, c.1846. Original colour. 660 x 450mm. Narrow lateral margins, laid on canvas.
A map of India marking the possessions of the various European powers, with the British areas in red. The roads, of importance to any army, are included.
[Ref: 17999]    £360.00 ($475 • €403 rates)

Records: 81 to 90 of 246
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