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 Central Asia 

GIBSON, John. [Map of the Caspian Sea and Independent Tartary]
A Map of the Routs of the Russian Embassy to Persia in 1746, on the Western Coast; also of Mr George Thompson's Journey on the East; And the Author's Travels on the South Coast; of the Caspian Sea. Mr Van Mierop's Journey to Meschel. London, 1753. Coloured. 470 x 510mm.
A map of the Caspian Sea region, from 'An Historical Account of the British Trade Over the Caspian Sea' by Jonas Hanaway (1712-86), plotting the routes of several expeditions through the Caucasus and Intependent Tartary in the mid C18th. Many names made famous by the stories of the Silk Road, including Samarkand, Bokharia and Khiva are marked. An interesting note reads 'Mountains in which Persians pretend are Gold Mines'.
[Ref: 18045]    £725.00 ($1,015 • €827 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Mid 19th century map of Afghanistan & Pakistan]
Cabool, The Punjab and Beloochistan. London, J. & F. Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 270 x 340mm.
Antique map of Afghanistan & Pakistan, with the Punjab, with three vignette scenes, including a view of Lahore, and a decorative border.
[Ref: 18059]    £135.00 ($189 • €154 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Mid-19th century map of the Indian Ocean]
Islands in the Indian Ocean. London, J. & F. Tallis & Co., c.1851. Steel engraving, printed area 270 x 335mm.
Detailed map of the Indian Ocean with an an inset of Mauritius. Decorative vignettes of local scenes.
[Ref: 17754]    £150.00 ($210 • €171 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Map of the arena of the Great Game]
Independent Tartary. London, John Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 260 x 330mm.
Original map of Central Asia, including the Caspian, Kazakstan and Kyrgystan, with three vignette scenes of Tartar life. The area was the scene of the Great Game, a mixture of exploration, espionage and diplomacy, played between Russian and Britain, as the Russians attempted to push their empire south to British India. Marked on the map are the cities of Bukhara, Khiva, Merv and Tashkent, which had been unknown to outsiders less than fifty years before.
[Ref: 18065]    £150.00 ($210 • €171 rates)


CANTELLI DA VIGNOLA, Giacomo. [17th century map of India after Cantelli da Vignola]
Penisola Dell India di qua dal Gange et Isole intorno ad essa adiacenti... Rome: G.G. de Rossi, 1683. Coloured, 520 x 420mm. A very fine example
Vignola's highly decorative map of India, published in the Mercurio Geografico, with a fine title cartouche of an elephant being ridden by a warrior and monkeys. The cartouche reads: 'The Indian Peninsula, the land of the Ganges, and the numerous and various adjacent islands, by Giacomo Cantelli da Vignola according to the surveys described in the travels of the barefoot Carmelite priests (Jean-Baptiste) Tavernier, (Jean-Albert) Mandelslo and Pietro dea Valle (1586-1652), and other modern authors'.
[Ref: 17964]    £1,200.00 ($1,680 • €1,368 rates)

TEESDALE, Henry. [A military map of India in the 1840s]
India from Authorities Principally for use of the Officers of the Army of India, 1846. London: Teesdale, c.1846. Original colour. 660 x 450mm. Narrow lateral margins, laid on canvas.
A map of India marking the possessions of the various European powers, with the British areas in red. The roads, of importance to any army, are included.
[Ref: 17999]    £360.00 ($504 • €410 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Decorative map of Southern India]
Southern India. London, J. & F. Tallis, c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 240 x 350mm.
Southern India, also including Ceylon, with six vignette scenes, including the Government House at Calcutta and the tomb of Sultan Mahomed Shah.
[Ref: 17733]    £180.00 ($252 • €205 rates)

TALLIS, John. [Map of Northern India]
Northern India. London, J. & F. Tallis & Co., c.1851. Original outline colour. Steel engraving, 320 x 250mm.
A detailed map of Northern India, also including Nepal and Bhutan, with six vignette scenes, including a tiger hunt.
[Ref: 17747]    £160.00 ($224 • €182 rates)

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. [Nineteenth century map of India]
India London, George Cox, 1852. Original outline colour. Steel-engraving, 290 x 360mm.
Map of India (with Ceylon) with a list of European territories, British Possessions, States under British Probection and Independent States.
[Ref: 17153]    £85.00 ($119 • €97 rates)

 Sri Lanka 

BORDONE, Benedetto. [Early woodblock map of Sri Lanka]
Taprobana. Venice, c.1534. Woodcut, image size 195 x 150mm, set in a page of Italian text.
The semi-mythical island of Taprobana, based on the hearsay of the Red Sea traders that supplied the Romans with cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Published in the 'Libro de Tutte le Isole del Mondo', with six editions between 1528-1562.
[Ref: 18201]    £425.00 ($595 • €485 rates)

Records: 81 to 90 of 235
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