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 West Indies 

RODHE, I.J. [Sea chart of the approaches to Charlotte Amalie on Saint Thomas]
Plan de Port de Saint Thomas et de ses Environs (Iles Vierges). Paris: Depot de la Marine, 1839. 470 x 610mm. Ink chart-seller's stamp; hole and staining in lower right margin.
Detailed sea chart of the environs of Charlotte Amalie, the main port of St Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
[Ref: 12524]    £1,200.00 ($1,559 • €1,360 rates)


ZATTA, Antonio. [One of the most decorative maps of Bermuda]
Le Colonie Unite dell’ America Settentr.le di Nouva Projezione...; Le Isole Bermuda. Venice, 1778. Original colour. 325 x 435mm. A very fine example.
The title-sheet of a twelve-sheet map of the United States, with Bermuda shown on a trompe-l'oil scroll. Bermuda has an interesting cartographic error. The first authoritative map of Bermuda was compiled by Norwood in 1622 and published by John Speed in 1627. Behind the main map Norwood superimposed the coastline of New England and Virginia to show the relative position of Bermuda. Although Zatta has dropped this mainland from his map he has retained the small Bermuda, mistaking it for another island in the chain. This confirms that Zatta's source for this map was over a century old! PALMER: Printed maps of Bermuda, p.26, plate xxxi.
[Ref: 16570]    £2,500.00 ($3,248 • €2,833 rates)

 Central America 

TIRION, Isaak. [Eighteenth century map of Panama]
Kaart van de Landengte van Panama. Amsterdam, c.1745. Original colour. 275 x 315mm.
A map of the Isthmnus of Panama, marking the city of Panama, Chagres and Portobelo. The mountain ranges and rivers are carefully delineated, as the interest in crossing the isthmus was so strong.
[Ref: 17016]    £200.00 ($260 • €227 rates)

ROBERT DE VAUGONDY, Gilles. [18th century miniature map of Mexico]
Partie Du Mexique ou de la Nouv.le Espagne ou se trouve L' de Guadalajara, Nouveau Mexique, Nouvelle Navarre, Californie Paris, 1749, Colored. 175 x 205mm.
Map of Baja California, western Mexico & Texas, published in the 'Atlas Portatif'.
[Ref: 18881]    £285.00 ($370 • €323 rates)

ZATTA, Antonio. [18th century map of Mexico and the Southern States of the USA]
Messico ovvero Nuova Spagna che contiene Il Nuovo Messico, La California.. Venice, 1785. Original outline colour. 330 x 420mm.
Very decorative map of Mexico, but also covering the southern half of the United States to Chesapeake Bay, and Central America south to Panama. Several Indian Tribes are recorded including the Kansez, Osages, Cheraquis, Cascaquas, Aacansas, Chicachas, Natchitoches, Tchatas, Choumans, Apacharia, etc. Texas is well-detailed, with named places including: Corpus Christi, Forte S.Giov., il Passo, Guadalupa, Sumas, Topires, Cristofolo, S.Paolo, La Conceziono S. Giorgio, etc. The northern part of Texas is called 'Paese incognito '. Issued in Zatta's Atlante Nuovissimo, one of the most succesful italian atlases of the late 18th century
[Ref: 18887]    £450.00 ($585 • €510 rates)

TARDIEU, Jean Baptiste. [Map of Mexico, Texas and California in the early 19th Century]
Mexique. Paris, c.1810. Coloured. 240 x 320mm.
This engraved, copper plate map features the Province de Texas. There is good detail throughout, especially along the coast of California and throughout Mexico. The title is surrounded by a large vignette of falls and cliffs.
[Ref: 17709]    £225.00 ($292 • €255 rates)

 South America 

LINSCHOTEN, Jan Huygen van. [A classic 16th century map of South America]
Delineatio omnium orarum totius Australis partis Americæ... Amsterdam, c.1596. Coloured. Two sheets conjoined, total 395 x 530mm. Binding folds flattened, narrow margins as usual.
A highly decorative map of South America, engraved by Arnold Florent van Langeren for Linschoten's 'Itinerario', a manual for sailing to the East Indies. Orientated with north to the right, the West Indies and Florida are shown in some detail on the right; on the left Terra del Fuego, the landmass south of the Straits of Magellan, spreads out to fill the entire height of the map. The map displays all the features that made this period the golden age of decorative cartography: the titles, in Latin and Dutch, are within strapwork cartouches, as is the scale; in the sea are a finely-engraved compass rose, sea-monsters and galleons. In the interior are vignettes of natives and animals based on de Bry.
[Ref: 18923]    £7,850.00 ($10,197 • €8,894 rates)

CASSINI, Giovanni Maria. [18th century map of Peru & Ecuador]
Il Peru con i Paesi Circonvicini Delineato sulle ultime osservazioni. Rome, 1798. Original colour. 495 x 365mm.
An uncommon map of Peru & Ecuador, published in the 'Nuovo Atlante Geografico Universale', with a decorative title cartouche.
[Ref: 15543]    £325.00 ($422 • €368 rates)


MUNSTER, Sebastian. [The first edition of the first printed map of Asia]
India Extrema XIX Nova Tabula. Basle: Henri Petri, 1540, FIRST EDITION, Latin text. Woodcut, sheet 300 x 375mm. Small repair in centre fold margin.
Munster's map of modern Asia, published in the first edition of his ''Geographia universalis, vetus et nozva, complectens Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini enarrationis libros VIII''. Much of the information for this map came from Portuguese sources, indicated by the presence of their Indian colonies Cambay, Goa, Calicut and Kannur. However further east Munster has had to return to Marco Polo's account, written in prison in 1298, for China and the 'Archipelago of 7448 Islands', the Philippines. Ptolemy's 'Taprobana' is now Sumatra rather than Sri Lanka. At the bottom of the map Zanzibar is an island south-east of Madagascar. Decorating the seas is a huge fish and a twin-tailed mermaid.
[Ref: 18771]    £1,500.00 ($1,949 • €1,700 rates)

WEIGEL, Christoph. [Miniature map of Asia with fine colour]
Asiae Nova Delineatio Nuremberg, 1738. Original colour. 125 x175mm.
Scarce, decorative map of Asia from an A.F. Zurner atlas.
[Ref: 17781]    £195.00 ($253 • €221 rates)

Records: 91 to 100 of 226
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