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[One of the most famous serio-comic maps]

image of Angling in Troubled Waters.  A Serio-Comic Map of Europe by Fred. W. Rose Author of the 'Octopus' Map of Europe.

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ROSE, Frederick W.
Angling in Troubled Waters. A Serio-Comic Map of Europe by Fred. W. Rose Author of the 'Octopus' Map of Europe. London: G.W. Bacon, 1899. Coloured chromolithograph. Sheet 485 x 690mm. Original folds flattened, laid on archival linen.
A caricature map of Europe with each country depicted as an angler having various levels of success in hooking colonies: John Bull has a huge catch-bag (Ireland), with Egypt as a crocodile on the end of his line; France is a scuffle for control of the Third Republic between the military and civilian, their rod with an empty hook, with Napoleon's shade looking on from Corsica; Spain is watching sadly as their former catch (fish marked Cuba, Porto Rico and Philippines) is being dragged away on the lines of an unseen U.S.A.; Belgium has a fish marked 'Congo' under his arm; the Austro-Hungarians are mourning the assassination of Empress Elisabeth by an anarchist; Turkey has a hook in 'the Cretan spike fish', a skull-shaped stain on his elbow marked 'Bulgaria' and another on his trousers marked 'Armenia'; Greece has pricked a finger trying to catch the spike fish by hand; larger than all others is Russia, shown as Nicholas II with an olive branch in one hand and a line stretching to the Far East in the other. Rose published his first serio-comic map in 1870: by the time of this issue his fame was international, with the title given in German, French and Italian. HILL: Cartographical Curiosities, 57; MCC 1: Geographical Oddities, no 82.
[Ref: 18676]