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[Blaeu's classic 'carte à figure' map of Asia]

image of Asia noviter delineata. show larger image

BLAEU, Willem Janszoon.
Asia noviter delineata. Amsterdam, c.1640, Latin text edition. Original colour with gold highlights. 415 x 560mm. Paper extended on already wide margins.
A very fine original colour example of one of the most decorative maps of Asia, published in the second edition of Blaeu's 'Appendix'. It has nine vignette 'map-views' of cities line the top of the map and ten costumes run down the two sides. The seas are filled with decoration, including galleons, a twin-spouted sea-monster and a merman blowing a shell trumpet. Korea is shown as an island and Australia has yet to appear.
[Ref: 19617]    £3,900.00 ($4,941 • €4,481 rates)

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