Celestial Charts

A rare plate of six gores from an early 17th century Italian celestial globe

DE ROSSI, Giuseppe.

[Globus Coelest, in quo stellae fixæ omnes quae a N. Viro Tychone Brahe suma cura observatæ sunt, accuratissime dessignantur: quibus adjuncte sunt circa Pol. Aust. stel: quæ a pertiss: nauclero Petro Theodori annotate sunt simul accomodate ad ann. 1614.]
Rome: Giuseppe de Rossi, 1615. 325 x 320mm.

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A superb pair of 17th century celestial hemispheres


Haemisphaerium Stellatum Boreale cum Subiecto Haemisphaerio Terrestri [&] Haemisphaerium Stellatum Australe Aequali sphaerarum proportione.
Amsterdam, Schenk & Valk, 1708. Original colour with additions, including gold highlights. Two plates, each 440 x 515mm, with good margins.

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Unusual pair of celestial charts with Christian iconography


Coeli Stellati Christiani Haemisphaerium Posterius. [&] Coeli Stellati Christiani Haemisphaerium Prius.
Amsterdam, Schenk & Valk, 1708. Original colour with additions, including gold highlights. Two plates, each 440 x 515mm.

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Celestial and terrestrial hemispheres


Haemisphaeria sphaerarum rectae et obliquae utriusque motus et longitudines tam coelestes quam terrestres ac stallarum affectiones monsrantia.
Amsterdam, Schenk & Valk, 1708. Original colour with additions, including gold highlights. 440 x 515mm.

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18th century chart of the Southern Celestial Sphere

THOMAS, Corbinianus.

[Southern Celestial Hemisphere] Crux. Triangulum Australe. Apis. Nubecula major. Camaeleon. Piscis. Phombus. Hidrus. Toucan.
Frankfurt, 1730. Original colour. 125 x 135mm.

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Pair of 18th century celestial charts of the northern and southern skies

THOMAS, Corbinianus.

Haemisphaerium Coeli Boreale. [&] Haemisphaerium Coeli Australe.
Frankfurt, 1730. Original colour. Two plates, each 125 x 135mm.

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Pair of 18th century celestial hemispheres

ZATTA, Antonio.

Planisfero Celeste Settentrionale Tagliato sul L'Equatore. [&] Planisfero Celeste Meridionale Tagliato sul L'Equatore.
Venice, 1777. Original colour. Two sheets, each 325 x 415 mm.

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An illustration of the Dendera Zodiac


[The Egyptian Zodiac from a bas-relief from Dendera.]
Paris, c.1823. Dissected and laid on linen, total 500 x 510mm, label of Charles Simonneau on the linen.

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''The New Description of Heaven''

WALCH, Johann.

Neue Himelsbeschreibung oder Sehr leichte Methode die Sternbilder durch die äussere Gestalt der vornehmsten Sterne unter denselben kenen zu lernen 1826.
Augsburg, 1804-26. Original colour. 475 x 595mm.

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Chart of the constellations of the Northern Hemisphere

BLUNT, Charles F.

Constellations of the Northern Hemisphere.
London: David Bogue, c. 1845. Wood engraving. 150 x 190mm.

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A transparent star chart

BRAUN, Friedrich.

Transparente Himmels-Karte.
Stuttgart: Wilhelm Nitzschke, c.1856. Illustrated board portfolio, colour-printed chromolithographic star chart in four sections, total 600 x 490mm; with letterpress 16pp. pamphlet.

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A 19th century moving-disc guide to the night skies

PHILIP, George.

Philips' Planisphere Showing the Principal Stars Visible for Every Hour of the Year.
London: George Philip & Son, c.1870. Printed card disc, 255mm (10") diameter, with gilt-stamped morocco overlay with cardinal points, hanging ring. Explanation on reverse.

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