An early view of New York

SCHENK, Pieter.

Nieu Amsterdam, een stedeken in Noord Amerikaes Nieu Hollant, op het eilant Manhattan: Namaels Nieu Jork Genaemt, to en het geraekte in't gebiet der Engleschen.
Amsterdam, 1702. Old colour. 225 x 275mm.

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A scarce 18th century view of New York

BURGIS, William.

The South Prospect of the City of New York, in North America. Engrav'd For the London Magazine, 1761.
London, c.1761. Coloured. 175 x 520mm.

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19th century town plan of New York

Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge.

New York.
London, Charles Knight: 1844. Original ouline colour. Steel-engraving 320 x 380mm.

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A large-format bird's-eye view of New York


New York: John Bachmann, 1849. Tinted lithograph finished with hand colour. Sheet 580 x 790mm.

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Mid-19th century town plan of New York City


Map of the City of New York with the Adjacent Cities of Brooklyn & Jersey City, & The Village of Williamsburg.
New York: Ensign & Thayer, 1849. Original colour. 420 x 530mm, folded into cloth gilt covers, with booklet, with titlepage and pp. 30.

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Mid-19th century plan of New York City

MILLER, James.

New York City Map.
New York: James Miller, 1857. Colour-printed wood-engraving. Printed area 410 x 730mm.

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View of New York

COLLINS, William.

New York.
London and Glasgow; William Collins, Sons, & Company, 1878. 190 x 250mm.

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Scarce advertising orange crate label featuring Brooklyn Bridge


The Great East River Suspension Bridge. 160 Guy Pope Messina.
Messina: Daniele Enrico Bühring, c.1885. Chromolithograph, printed area 265 x 445mm.

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A large view of the newly-completed Brooklyn Bridge


The Great East River Suspension Bridge. Connecting the Cities of New York and Brooklyn. View from Brooklyn, Looking West.
New York: Currier & Ives, 1886. Tinted lithograph, sheet 590 x 875mm.

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Early 20th century bird's-eye view of Manhattan

KLEMM, Josef.

New-York. Ad. Lehmann's geogr. Charakterbilder.
Leipzig: F. E. Wachsmutg, c.1908. Chromolithograph on two sheets, inages 615 x 820mm & 615 x 825mm, total if joined 615 x 1645mm.

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A tourist's map of New York's Subway system in the 1950s


New York Subways and Elevated Lines. William Sloane House Young Men's Christian Association. Headquarters for Transient Young Men and Men of the Armed Forces.
Hagstrom, c.1950.Colour lithographic map. 440 x 240mm.

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